Transforming organizations for lasting success

Our unwavering commitment lies in assisting you in reaching your business objectives. Within a seamlessly integrated ecosystem, we place a strong emphasis on a comprehensive and enduring strategy. 


We are an international consulting collective that unites thought leaders from diverse backgrounds. Our expertise includes organizational transformation, strategy development and execution, new business model innovation, and hands-on project management. With a wealth of experience spanning various industries, from small startups to large enterprises and NGOs, we offer a unique blend of insights. 

With empathy and our holistic approach we foster interconnected thinking and action, allowing us and our partners to gain fresh perspectives and craft tailor-made solutions. Our focus goes beyond technology; it centers on the organization and the individuals who drive it. 


Collaborating with you, we enable your entire organization to proactively champion change with self-sufficiency and longevity in mind. 

Let's cultivate an innovative mindset for thriving growth! 

Academy - Christine and Wiebke during a Design Thinking Workshop

Amplify innovation skills with effective methods to leverage industry excellence, boost your business impact with hands-on application, optimized team dynamics, and empower your organization with an innovative mindset and relevant innovation methodologies. 

Empower (innovation) thought leaders, design strategic guidance and enable a culture of forward-thinking by building on your organization’s existing strengths to embark on your transformative journey. 

Academy - Christine and Wiebke during a Design Thinking Workshop

Bringing the combination of knowledge, skills, and values into life with our customers and beyond is our motivation to support civic life and societal projects. 

Do you see networking as an investment in your professional and personal growth as well as in your business? Are you ready to let yourself be seen? Then follow us into a network of enriching conversations, collaborations and cooperations. 

We aim to share our collective knowledge and make it available to others.

Our creativity, joy, and passion infuse every aspect of our work. You can expect a collaborative relationship where we leverage our expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Meet us!