Network & Partners

Empowering Collaborative Innovation

At JCW Evolution, we firmly believe in the power and strength of collaborative networks and partnerships. Over the years, we have been active in different kinds of networks, from expert to all-rounder, from small to large business networks. We experienced a high sense of cooperation and collaboration, and a mutual sense of exchange of ideas, information and experiences. Some networks and businesses even became partners.

This, we would like to share with you, link all our expertise and experience to strengthen your and our networks and build an even more solid foundation to your and our business ventures.

Please reach out if you have questions or would like to be connected to one of our partners and networks.

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Design at Business

As co-founder and active drivers of the Design at Business Network, a trusted community of innovation change-makers within the innovation and transformation ecosystem, our goal is to seize opportunities and accelerate sustainable growth beyond corporate boundaries.

We passionately promote Design Thinking as a people- and society-centric innovation approach across companies by connecting catalysts and thought leaders. DatB serves as a platform to establish and develop a global network of change-makers from enterprises worldwide.

Our network brings together high-quality design-led innovation, culture transformation, user experience best practices, and sustainability initiatives. With over 150 cross-company thought leaders and change-makers from 25 different countries, we collaboratively codevelop innovation methodology tools, frameworks, and agile principles.

Together, we are a global association working tirelessly to innovate for a better future. Visit to learn more about DatB and how we are shaping the landscape of innovation.

Join the DatB association and be part of a dynamic community that empowers collaborative innovation and drives meaningful change. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

Kajoss LTD.

Kajoss Ltd. is a Kenyan Private Limited Company and Social Enterprise specializing in customized solutions for diverse business objectives.

Talented individuals in Africa confront many challenges, including inadequate resource availability, insufficient platforms to showcase their abilities, a lack of support networks, and limited opportunities.

At Kajoss Ltd., we prioritize reliable and innovative solutions that drive sustainable change. We facilitate connections between clients and professionals from diverse backgrounds, offering employment opportunities, networking platforms, and capacity-building programs. We aim to keep business in Africa and leverage the talents of local artists, creatives, and talented youth to generate income and create a positive impact.  

Our service offerings include talent agency, event management, branding and marketing, merchandising, media production, tours & travel, content development, music, and art designed to meet the specific needs of our clients while ensuring competitive compensation for our talents.


Kajoss Ltd.'s commitment to delivering high-quality services while making a positive social impact sets us apart in the industry. We believe in harnessing the power of business to create a better future for African youth, women, and underserved communities.

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Impact Week

The Impact Week, powered by Design Thinking, serves as a catalyst for innovation, entrepreneurship, and cross-cultural exchange. This non-profit initiative brings together individuals from diverse countries and backgrounds to advance innovation and entrepreneurship skills in developing and emerging economies. Its mission is to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth by establishing resilient business models through the application of Design Thinking methodologies. 


Impact Week is dedicated to preparing the next generation for a wide range of opportunities, including employment and leadership roles. It empowers participants to become successful agripreneurs, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, irrespective of their field or level of expertise. In an era of unparalleled and rapid transformation, companies must continually innovate to maintain their competitive edge. JCW, in collaboration with esteemed international industry partners and academic institutions, has successfully orchestrated a series of such transformative programs.