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2 Views on why Innovation Consulting is a must have strategic contribution in your Organisation
Best Practice Part 3 - Change Maker must continue to transform their innovation processes, culture, and technology. Internal innovation consulting capabilities need to address the innovation transformation efforts alongside external innovation partners.
4 Reasons why you should consider strengthening Innovation Expertise & Services internally in your organization
Best Practice Part 2 - Certain aspects of innovation support can and should be managed internally. Retaining the innovation capabilities as highlighted in the framework for consistent innovation, inhouse provides an organization the advantages that:

6 Insights on how to provide a framework for consistent innovation in organizations
Best Practice Part 1 - Aligning innovation requirements and business goals, fostering innovative behaviors and employee experiences, and establishing an innovation ecosystem for effective co-innovation and business agility. A framework for organization to design better products and for innovative leaders to unleash an inventive culture which can build better products.