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We are committed to empowering employees, managers, and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. Our comprehensive portfolio caters to the unique needs of each stakeholder, fostering a culture of innovation and digital entrepreneurship, efficiency, and excellence. 

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We've been a reliable knowledge partner since 2013, supporting organizations and individuals on their innovation journeys. Our enduring client relationships affirm our expertise, dependability, and capacity to drive sustainable innovation, continuous improvement, and transformation.

Graphic by Aurore Fillion
Graphic by Aurore Fillion

+7000 Professionals

+250 Innovation Coaches

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Explore how our programs can elevate your journey towards innovation, effectiveness, and global leadership.

Whether you're an employee seeking to enhance your skills, a manager striving to inspire and lead your team, or an organization aiming for sustainable growth, our tailored approach combines industry expertise, academic partnerships, and collaborative methodologies to drive success. 

For you as an employee

  1. Boost Business Impact: You'll enhance business results by developing greater confidence and competence in innovation and creativity, empowering you to tackle complex challenges more effectively. 
  2. Hands-On Application: You'll improve your ability to apply innovative methodologies and adopt a growth mindset in your own projects and daily tasks. 
  3. Amplify Innovation Skills: You'll expand your innovation capacity, acquiring techniques to transform customer insights into solutions that put people at the center. 
  4. Cultivate Innovation Culture: You'll actively contribute to creating a culture of innovation and experimentation within your teams and projects, enabling you to bring ideas to life and plan for the future. 
  5. Expand Your Network: You'll have the opportunity to grow your professional network by collaborating with expert coaches and industry professionals who possess extensive practical knowledge of applied methodologies and industry insights. 
For you as a manager

  1. Empower Team Motivation: Fuel your team's motivation by providing them with engaging learning experiences and fostering creative thinking. 
  2. Equip with Effective Methods: Empower your team with the right methodologies and mindsets to craft user-centric solutions that align with our business objectives. 
  3. Optimize Team Dynamics: Transform your team's way of working to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, creativity, and collaboration, ultimately leading to smarter work processes. 
  4. Coach Program Impact: Through our Coach program, you can invest in one team member, with the potential to catalyze a transformation across the entire team. 
For the organisation

  1. Leverage Industry Excellence: Harness the power of blending top industry standards with your vast expertise. 
  2. Silos Breakdown: Promote cross-company and inter-company exchange, breaking down silos and accelerating the achievement of business objectives. 
  3. Global Leadership: Propel yourselve to become global leaders by capitalizing on our ability to swiftly align and execute collectively, fueled by our collaborative ways of working. 
  4. Holistic Talent Development: Nurture a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organization, optimizing your human capital to reach new heights of global leadership 
  5. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Empower your organization with data-driven insights, enabling informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth and global leadership

Where innovation becomes more than just an idea—it becomes a way of life.

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Innovation Kick-Start

3-day training - How to start your Design Thinking & Innovation Journey

This hands-on workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to user-centric innovation methodologies. In just three days, participants gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals and experience new tools. Through interactive and engaging activities, they connect with other creative minds and learn how to kick-start their Design Thinking and innovation journey. 

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Innovation Coach Program

6-month training incl. Mentorship - Boost your skills

The Innovation Coach Program is a six-month training that equips participants with methodological competence and practical facilitation experience. Designed to support innovation teams in various organizational contexts, the program enhances personal and team-leading competences. Certified coaches become part of a global network, benefiting from ongoing learning opportunities and knowledge exchange with industry experts and academic partners. 

Business Model Canvas - Workshop
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Business Model Workshop

4 hour – online Workshop

These customized workshop offer participants the opportunity to learn new frameworks for customer, market, and business model evaluation. With a focus on visualizing and structuring business models using the Business Model Canvas (BMC) framework, participants gain the skills needed to assess and test new or existing business opportunities. The workshop empower participants to increase their impact at work and enhance their innovation skills. 

Value Propositon - Workshop
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Value Proposition Workshop

4 hour – online Workshop

The Value Proposition Workshop is a tailored learning experience that provides participants with a framework for better understanding customers and markets. Through this workshop, teams and employees learn how to build value into the customer experience and ensure a strong fit between their product and the market. The workshop helps participants generate insights to drive innovation and create impactful value propositions. 

Nurturing Innovation for Your Success!

You'll gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills that form the foundation for successful innovation and transformation efforts. We focus on empowering you to harness your newfound capabilities and confidence, to apply these skills effectively to your own projects and work.

Your Gateway to Innovation Excellence!

Join us at JCW Academy, where innovation becomes more than just an idea—it becomes a way of life. Unlock your innovation potential and explore the limitless possibilities of transformation with us.

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