Christine Wenzel

Designing the Future with Creative Combinations

Christine Wenzel is a creative strategist, innovation expert and Systemic Business Coach. Together with her clients she simplifies complex matters, gets to the heart of the issues and optimizes the use of resources to enhance business success and foster growth in a responsible and sustainable way.

Christine's Focus

  • Strategy and organizational development
  • Professional guidance of transformation processes
  • Change management
  • (Agile) Project and process management
  • Human- and life-centered innovation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Team and Business Coaching


  • Certified project lead (IHK)
  • Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance)
  • Change Partner (Deloitte)
  • Lean Expert
  • Design Thinking Coach (Design at Business)
  • Systemic Business Coach (HR Akademie München)
  • Diploma in Business and Home Economics


  • 4+ yrs consultant and coach for strategic and organizational development focusing on innovation, change management and lean management based on human- and life-centred design.
  • 9+ yrs. trainer and facilitator for Design Thinking, Change and Lean Management.
  • 8 yrs leadership experience within airline catering operations, middle management and in-house consulting
  • 10 yrs experience in transformation projects, development of in-house consulting team, strategy, change management and communication, lean and process management│ LSG Sky Chefs (Lufthansa Group)
  • 4 yrs program lead for large international events, strategic organizational development │ Impact Week