As proven senior managers, our collective experience spans over 50 years, encompassing diverse roles in global leadership positions, cross-functional projects, innovation, organizational redesign, digital transformation, and cultural change. We have a proven track record of driving commercial growth initiatives, implementing transformative changes, and delivering exceptional consumer experiences. Our industry recognition stems from our ability to leverage innovation methodologies to drive digital innovation and cultural transformation at both the organizational and operational levels.

We strongly believe in cultivating an innovation mindset and fostering thriving growth. Our experiences in various international organizations and projects have shaped this belief. We understand that everything we do is part of our evolution and that each action we take has an impact on our future. With this that in mind, our guiding principle is to ensure that our present actions create sustainable businesses and contribute to a sustainable economic development in the future.


To achieve this, we operate with an innovator's mindset. This mindset encompasses curiosity, openness, and a willingness to act at eye-level with others while showing empathy towards every living being and our environment. We recognize that to foster thriving growth, it is essential to put both the human element and the environment we live in at the center of our endeavors.


We embrace an iterative and experimental approach, understanding that it this allows us to generate rapid responses to the challenges and opportunities that arise. By continuously learning, adapting, and refining our strategies, we can navigate the ever-changing landscape and drive meaningful progress.

Christine Wenzel - Business Coaching & Consulting

Christine Wenzel

Christine is our creative strategist, innovation expert and Systemic Business Coach.

Wiebke Piekarowitz

Visual Communication Expert,
Innovation Consultant and Website- and SEO Strategist.

Joern Bruecker

Joern ignites innovation and drives lasting transformation. He is our strategist and at home in all areas of innovation.

Sandra Werner

Sandra infuses her leadership expertise and agile coaching with her passion for positive psychology und mental strength.