Business Model Workshop

Revolutionize your strategy with Business Model Canvas

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Unlock the potential of innovation and strategic excellence through our dynamic Business Model Workshop.

This tailor-made program provides participants with a unique opportunity to explore a cutting-edge framework for evaluating customers, markets, and business strategies. With a primary focus on harnessing the power of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) framework, this workshop equips you with the expertise needed to assess and validate both new and existing business opportunities.


Join us on this transformative journey to amplify your impact in the workplace and elevate your innovation progress. 

Key Learnings:

Uncover the essential skills and insights to thrive in today's competitive landscape by constructing robust, profit-driven business models. 

  • You will practice how to master profitable business modeling and navigate competitive waters by:
  • Gaining the expertise to craft and optimize sustainable and highly profitable business models
  • Unearthing the secrets of designing revenue streams, cost structures, and value propositions that set you on the path to financial success. 
  • Navigating the complex seas of modern business competition.
  • Identifying and exploiting untapped market opportunities while staying ahead of your rivals. 

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Join us for a 5-hour workshop where we will work collaboratively and gain insights with cross-functional teams. 

In this interactive and hands-on experience, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Business Model Canvas and the 9 elements of Business Modelling.


Mastering in and navigating with your Business Model, you will:

  • Forge a path to success by constructing a resilient and highly profitable business model that positions you ahead of the competition.
  • Foster seamless collaboration across departments and boundaries by creating a shared language around business models and strategy.
  • Immerse your teams in strategic tools that yield tangible outcomes, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit within your organization.
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Who should attend

This program is tailor-made for individuals seeking to propel their careers and organizations to new heights. Whether you're

  • An aspiring business developer,
  • A budding entrepreneur,
  • A seasoned professional,  or
  • A visionary leader

this course is your gateway to mastering the art of Business Modeling.

Tap into the BMC mastery, when you...​

  • Have a curiosity-driven mindset.
  • Are eager to explore and design groundbreaking business concepts beyond your comfort zone.
  • Intrigued by case studies and would like to practice directly on your own real-world project.
  • Seize to immediately apply and bring newfound knowledge in your day-to-day professional life.

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Course Summary

Experience an in-depth and practical dive into Business Modelling by exploring the Business Model Canvas. Gain insights by different use cases and bring your own business case to set your success in motion.

Take away the invaluable capability to effectively leverage the BMC framework in various strategic contexts to

  • Compete in Today's Market,
  • Enhance Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, 
  • Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Culture.

Book your Business Model Canvas Workshop to understand how to operate a tool that helps you describe, visualize, assess and change your business model.

Business Model Workshop

  • A comprehensive 5-hour crash course on Business Modeling led by an expert methodology specialist.
  • Exclusive course materials and a methodology reference guide to support your continued learning and application.
  • Effective learning and personalized attention with a maximum of 12 participants per workshop
  • Ample opportunities to practice your skills through engaging case studies and real-world projects.
  • Certificate of attendance
  • 1:1 coaching for 30 minutes to deep dive into your project. 

Location: online via Zoom
Tools: Zoom, Mural


Price: 690 €


a 3 days facilitated online training to bust your innovation skill.

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Request a personalized Business Model Workshop for your employees or for yourself.

Tailor-made, customizable sessions are available on demand to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

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