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Start your Innovation Journey with our Design Thinking Workshop

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, innovation has become a pressing necessity.

Whether you're a leader, an individual, or a company, embracing innovation means actively contributing to economic growth while prioritizing the needs and perspectives of users and our broader ecosystem.


Design Thinking offers a user-centric approach to problem-solving. It is rooted in a mindset that seamlessly blends rational and abstract thinking to address the specific needs of end users. By adopting Design Thinking, you can cultivate an agile way of working that encourages flexibility and adaptability.

Key Learnings:

During this innovation- and Design Thinking workshop, you will acquire practical skills and knowledge in:

  • Embracing user centricity in problem-solving.
  • Scoping and defining business challenges.
  • Conducting user research and interviews.
  • Developing personas to better understand user needs.
  • Employing ideation techniques to generate innovative ideas.
  • Utilizing quick prototyping and early user testing to refine solutions.
  • Embracing agile concepts and ways of working for effective innovation.
A group of participants pitching their idea to the audience during a Design Thinking Workshop

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Join us for a 3-day innovation- and Design Thinking workshop where we will dive into the fundamentals of user-centric innovation. 

In this interactive and hands-on experience, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of innovation methodologies, explore new tools, and connect with other creative minds.


By immersing yourself in user-centric innovation and Design Thinking, you will:

  • Understand the purpose behind the latest innovation buzzwords.
  • Discover creative ways to solve business challenges by comprehending the innovation dilemma and diagnosing company needs.
  • Learn essential tools and techniques for collaboration and finding effective solutions.

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for everyone who wishes to grasp the principles of innovation and broaden their understanding of its application.

  • You are an individual or a team from any level of your organization.
  • You are an independent consultant or coach and would like to infuse your skill set with innovation tools.
  • You are a student or university professor and would like to advance your practical innovation knowledge.

Tap into the innovation universe, when you...​

  • desire to experience a new working culture.
  • love to work actively in small groups of 4-6 people.
  • are open to explore and sharpen your unique strengths outside your comfort zone.
  • are looking for a hands-on learning experience and to apply and integrate the gained knowledge easily in your day-to-day job. 
  • are looking to experience the human-centered mindset by using a structured and creative active hands-on training approach.
A very diverse group of people who should attend to this Design Thinking Workshop

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Course Summary

Experience in-demand skills such as user-centric problem solving, creativity and innovation and immerse yourself into the user's mindset. You will be introduced to innovation methodologies and particularly to Design Thinking.

Practice the methodology with techniques for

  • User Research,
  • Persona creation,
  • Ideation and Idea selection,
  • Prototyping and
  • Testing
  • and learn what it needs to bring an idea to life.

Book your Innovation Kick-Start and dive into the world of innovative tools and opportunities!

Start your innovation journey with a Design Thinking Workshop

Innovation Kick-Start - Waiting list

  • 3 days à 5 hours facilitated training from 2pm - 7pm (UTC+2)
  • 1 hour camp-fire talk with innovation thought leaders on training Day 2 from 7pm-8pm
  • program course specific handout documentation including team & expert insights, and applicable method toolkit
  • up to 24 participants per training
  • 4-6 team members per breakout team
  • Certificate
  • Inhouse Training on request!

Location: online via Zoom

Tools: Zoom, Mural


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Price: 1590,-€ 
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